Dos and Don’ts of Renting Supercars

Just like other things in life, there are some factors that you need to consider when you’re planning to rent a luxury vehicle. Once you consider opting for a?Miami exotic car rental, make sure to make the most out of it. But before you finally rent a luxury or supercar, here are the following things that you should know of: 

Avoid renting a luxury car for half day 

Generally speaking, the contracts of a car rental will consider started rental time of 24 hours and less as a total rental day. The difference with hiring a luxury vehicle is that the day-to-day rate is way higher. To put it simply, avoid half days as much as possible.? 

Pay attention to the included mileage 

Before renting a supercar or luxury car, make sure to consider and determine the entire mileage you need on your trip to avoid costly surprises for additional mileage.? 

Prevent one-way rentals to save 

Luxury car deliveries are usually done on the back of a truck. The costs for driver and trucking can simply exceed the expenses for a one-day rental based on the distance between your location and garage. So, if you want to save money, you must prevent using one-way rentals. 

Request for a model guarantee 

Secure the exact exotic car, supercar, or luxury model that you prefer. See to it that you’ll be renting a guaranteed model. There will be times when things get uncertain. But when you choose to work with a reputable car rental company, you can guarantee that the cars that are booked will be delivered.? 

Do your assignment before your trip 

While it’s good to be spontaneous, failing to secure a reservation is an almost clear indicator that you’ll wind up having a hatchback instead of renting the car of your dreams. So, before you arrive at your destination, make sure to plan ahead and make a reservation to secure your luxury car. Moreover, try to know what you really want to do with your vehicle, and don’t forget to consider price and practicality as you dream to drive your dream car.? 

Listen to your handover agent and carefully listen to the short briefing 

Unless you have a similar vehicle in your garage, you need to always let your car rental representative provide you a few shortcut instructions on the luxury car you rented. Perhaps you might not have a fancy feature that exotic vehicles usually come with. Exotic and luxury cars commonly have a very uncommon feature.? 

Enjoy and accept the additional service 

Renting an exotic or luxury car should also come with an additional layer of service. Prevent paying airport taxes and get your luxury vehicle rental delivered right to your hotel or home’s doorstep.? 

Assess the luxury vehicle 

Take some time to conduct a thorough walk-around and check the car if there are any signs of preexisting damage to prevent misunderstandings as you return the car. Generally, make sure that you note all the marks, dents, and scratches on your car rental contract’s check-out form.?