Maintaining the Septic System of Your House

Maintaining the septic system of your house might appear like an overwhelming job. This is particularly true if you consider the possible attack on your senses. The mere idea of going through the foul odor might be enough to make you throw up. However, the process itself is not hard. You only have to be cautious of every household task. 

Because these tasks are not complex, you won’t have to invest a lot of money in maintenance as well. However, if you fail to maintain your septic system, it will cost you more money than you think. This is particularly true if you end up needing a replacement.  

Before you open Google and search for “septic tank pumping near me”, here are a couple of other tips to help you maintain your home’s septic system.  

Be Wary of What Comes Down the Kitchen Sink 

It is often tempting to simply throw away food and other items down the kitchen sink. However, if you do this, you will damage your septic system and cause all types of issues. To prevent this, it is ideal to avoid throwing away things such as coffee grounds, flour, eggshells, and other common kitchen waste.  

Dairy products, fat, grease, and cooking oil are also common causes of septic system issues since the accumulation can lead to blockages and clogs in the system. It is difficult for these wastes to break down due to the oxygen-deprived environment in the tank. Because of this, it is crucial to throw away these materials from your garbage disposal to prevent the risk of damaging your septic tank.  

Don’t Treat Your Toilet Like a Garbage Bin 

You should know that your toilet is not made to act as a trash bin where you can simply flush down random items. It is made to flush down human waste. Aside from that, you can also flush down toilet paper. Septic systems can break these things down easily. However, when it comes to handling other objects, they will have a hard time.  

You are risking damaging and clogging your septic system and toilet if you flush down things such as feminine products, wet wipes, diapers, and other random objects.  

Keep in mind that a couple of toilet papers can also clog the septic system. Thus, make sure the label says it is safe to flush.  

Regularly Schedule Septic Tank Pumping 

Eventually, your septic tank will hold more solids than it’s able to. Because of this, you will have to pump it. Ideally, you can do this task every 3-5 years. This depends on the tank size. Also, you should know that this job can’t be done alone. You will require unique tools and equipment to clean the system.  

Because of this, it is best to leave the job to a professional. Hiring a professional septic tank pumping company will help you clean your system. Of course, you’ll have to spend money on the service. However, it is much cheaper than having to replace the tank. If you want to save money in the long run, schedule regular septic tank pumping.